Agata Jurkowska-Gomulka

Modzelewska & Paśnik

Dr. habil. in law (Institute of Law, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2014) - the thesis titled "Public and private enforcement of a prohibition of anticompetitive agreements: searching a sustainable model of co-existance".  PhD thesis (Faculty of Law, University of Warsaw, 2004) focused on antitrust assessment of cooperation agreements. She is an author of many publications on Polish and EU competition law, among them comments to Art. 101(3) and Art. 102 TFEU, Polish Act on Competition and Consumer Protection and Polish Act on Claim for Damages Resulting from Breaches of Competition Law.

Agata is a member of editorial boards of two competition-related journals: "Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies" (in English) and "Online Quarterly of Antitrust and Regulation" (in Polish).

Currently she is a vice rector for research at one of non-public Polish universities, a researcher and a lecturer in law.  Agata is an of counsel in Modzelewska & Pasnik - a leading Polish boutique law firm specialised in competition and regulatory law.

She is an affiliated member of the Centre of the Antimonopoly and Regulatory Studies (Faculty of Management) at the University of Warsaw.

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