Carmen Herrero Suárez

Carmen Herrero Suárez is a Business Law Professor at the University of Valladolid in Spain. Her research work focuses mainly on Antitrust and IP Law, especially from a comparative law perspective, comparing the American and European legal systems (with more than 40 contributions, including lectures, articles, chapters and monographs). Particularly relevant are her works (i) Los contratos vinculados (tying agreements) en el Derecho de la Competencia (“Tying agreements under Antitrust Law”) (2006); (ii) Diccionario de Derecho de la Competencia (“Antitrust Law Dictionary”) (2006); (iii) Derecho Europeo de la Competencia. Antitrust e Intervenciones Públicas (“European Antitrust Law. Antitrust and Public Intervention”) (2005); and (iv) a large number of articles on specific matters such as resale price maintenance, control of oligopolistic markets and, in recent years, private application of Antitrust Law. With regard to this last matter, she has addressed, among others, the Spanish transposition of the EU Directive on damages, the passing-on defence and the question whether civil courts are bound to administrative decisions.

She is a member of the Secretariat of the Spanish Antitrust and Distribution Magazine (“Revista de Derecho de la Competencia y la Distribución” (RCD)), being responsible for the European and International Antitrust Law section.

She has worked as adviser for IBERDROLA with regard to the GAS NATURAL/ENDESA takeover bid and as the Spanish Commissioner for Justice in several meetings on the private application of Antitrust Law.

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